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Project description: a collection of interviews of those who turned their passion into a life style, a job or a project. People who gave life to an Idea booked a table in their home for us and told their story. They also prepared a family, special or secret recipe.

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The Idea was born on people we know, friends of ours, friends of friends. We wanted to tell their story, the story of those who didn’t pleased, who have a passion and will to do.

So we got into their home, to listen and tell.
And we got into their kitchen. Why? Because if it’s true that “we are what we eat”, watching sportsmen, craftsmen, artists, bloggers and more, is another good way to know them.

So we asked them to make their personal recipe. It was funny to look at them cooking their main course and, of course, it was a pleasure to eat it.

Now every video has its own taste.

The trailer

Enjoy an “antipasto” here or taste the full menu on our Vimeo Channel HERE >