having fun working hard to entertain


We entertain or else.

Circle Entertainment, LLC is an IDEA lab, a source of creative thoughts for fun and brands.
A video, a website, an event, a fanzine, an art exhibition…
No matter how an Idea reveals itself, as long as it entertains and/or inspires.

We are a network of talented freelancers, customizable and reliable.
But we are also a group of passionate friends who enjoy and CHOSE to work together.



Francesca Nobili / senior creative, producer, VO director, editor, (copy)writer, linguist
Lorenzo de Manes / creative director, illustrator, designer, paper artist
James Craigmiles / actor, director, writer, VO talent, cinematographer, photographer
Steve Adler / creative director, DP, cinematographer, photographer
Barbara Sala / actress, singer, dancer
Carlo Mangiolfi / musician, songwriter