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Francesca Nobili, La Fra, Fran, palladipelo, Circle Entertainment…
a.k.a. me.

timburtonstreetBorn and raised watching telly and reading books, soon my lack of roots and my curiosity brought me far away.
I began traveling on my own when I was 16, moved to Florence when I was 18, then Bologna and three years later Milan, where I graduated from Law school and then started my career in communication.

I worked in several small agencies, learning a lot but with a goal on my mind: working in the agency of the man who inspired me to choose this job and still does every single day: Sir David Ogilvy. And I did. For 2 years in Milan, where I had the opportunity to work across all divisions, in an international environment, and specialize in pitches and new business.

But then it was time to move on, so I have began to work as a freelancer and, in few years, I am proud of working for many international agencies and selected Italian agencies and production companies as concept and content creator, copywriter, VO director, transcreator and video maker.

In the meantime, I founded Circle Entertainment, a creative lab, a group of friends and freelancers, with the purpose to entertain and realize projects we all believe in.

francesca-nobiliI am determined. Curious. Enthusiastic. Brands and videos are my passion. Ideas are my talent.

Inspired by: every movie and tv show I watch, every book I read, every journey I make, every interesting person I meet, every concert and art show I attend, walking in foreign streets, handicrafts

References: David Ogilvy, Charles Chaplin, Gondry, Tim Burton, Robert Rodriguez, Coen bros, Carosello

Superpower: I know it works when I get goose bumps