having fun working hard to entertain



Born and raised in Southern Italy, TV e books represented such a better world to live in for me. Until 16, when I can finally start traveling and exploring the world by myself. Frequent traveler to the UK, I moved to Florence at 18, then Bologna and three years later Milan, where I finally graduated from Law school in obedience to my family’s will. Mission accomplished, I was then free to do what I really wanted, to become an outstanding copywriter and work in the agency of the man who inspired me until that moment, sir David Ogilvy. Mission accomplished. Again. Meaning it’s time for a new challenge. Inspired by the genius of Tim Burton and Michel Gondry, and by a lifetime of movies, I started producing my own videos, some of which achieved and are still achieving resounding success at various film festivals worldwide.

In 2016, I moved to Los Angeles, CA with an O-1 visa and founded Circle Entertainment, LLC, a creative lab that produces commercials, promotional videos, stop-motion videos, music videos, fanzines and much more.

12+ years of experience in advertising and video production, senior creative for international agencies in Europe and USA as concept creator, consultant, writer, VO director, video maker and linguist.


Determined. Curious. Enthusiastic. TV series, movies, commercials, music and modern art define my world. Ideas are my talent.

Inspired by: every movie and TV series watched, every book read, every journey made, every interesting person met, every concert and art show attended, walking in foreign streets, handicrafts

References: David Ogilvy, Charles Chaplin, Michel Gondry, Tim Burton, Robert Rodriguez, Coen bros, Carosello

Superpower: I know it works when I get goose bumps